Blackjack Tips: 13 to 16

As you play the game of blackjack, one thing is for certain: you often need to use a few tips to help you to know how to react when you get those hard to call numbers. For many people, playing the game is all about luck and chances. For those who play the game to win, knowing when to react is much more important.

For example, here is a blackjack tip for you. If you get 13 to 16, stand whenever the card the dealer is showing is at a six or lower. If it is an Ace or up to a 7, you should hit. Doing so is likely to have you win the hand.

Try out this blackjack tip on the next few rounds you plan. You may find that having tips and strategies like this can help you to win more often than not doing so. There are other tips for other situations, too.